Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playoffs start

If it were not for this time of year, I probably would not own a big-screen HD TV or pay ridiculous amounts of money for cable TV.  The HD is nice to have for football, but if I were not a fan of hockey, I probably would not have bothered.  Quite frankly, I know a couple of guys with big-screen HD TVs who don't watch sports at all.  And, I cannot figure out why they spent the money.  I guess most TV shows (other than sports) hold no interest for me, and those that do don't really improve that much with a crystal-clear big picture.  Maybe these other guys have found shows much more interesting than any that I watch.

And, of course, here in Colorado, even the local Avalache coverage is not on free TV.  I suppose I could head out to the bars like I did in my younger years to catch hockey, but if I'm at a bar, I want a beer or seven, and I just cannot recover quickly enough to be a productive member of the work-force in the morning if I go out to the bars every night.

So, I paid for a huge TV and I overpay for cable T.V. most of the year mostly just for watching hockey, and more specifically, playoff hockey. 

And the playoffs started last night.  Life is good.  To make matters even better, the Red Wings lost and the Avs won.  The only thing that would have made it even better would be if the Blackhawks won too, but they don't start until Friday night.  Most likely, the Wings will end up winning their series, and the Avs will end up losing theirs, but right now, I can take pleasure in having watched both of the games last night.

Hawks are going all the way this year ... I can feel it!

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