Friday, May 21, 2010


I gave my friend, Woody, a 6 pack of Sheppy Brew for his birthday.  Actually, I guess technically, you would call him more of a boss, so you could say I was brown-nosing.

But, he gave me some very nice feedback on my beer.

The beers I gave him (in the order he ranked them) were:
  1. Buckwheat's Belgium Pale Ale
  2. Phat & Tyred Ale -- actually he called 2 and 3 a tie.
  3. Tommy Hawk APA -- actually he called 2 and 3 a tie.
  4. Blackhawk Black Ale
  5. Monkish Wit
  6. Tweedle Beetle Stout
Overall, he REALLY seemed to like 1 - 3.  Thought they were "great".  4 was good, but not as great as 1-3.  5 was ok.  6 he thought was bitter (which I translated to mean he did not really like it).

Considering how wide of a range there is in those beers, I am pretty pleased with 4 out of 6 greats or good.  Wits and Imperial Stouts certainly are not for everyone, so the fact that he didn't like them doesn't mean they are not good beers.  Tweedle Beetle Stout in particular is intense in the hops and dark roasted malts, and it is certainly not for the average beer drinker.

And, of course, if he is like me ... beer preference depends a bunch on what you feel like having.  Sometimes I feel like drinking ridiculously hoppy beers.  Sometimes I want a nice light blonde.  Sometimes I feel more like having a nice average amber.  I think most beer drinkers are like that.

Anyway, thanks to Mr. Woody for the feedback.

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