Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cable TV

Well, I've done it.

I've decided to drop cable TV for the summer.  I'm not going to replace it with anything until October (hockey season).  The over-the-air digital channels will do me just fine until then.  I have to return the DVR, but after that, I will be down to only the 15 or so channels I can get through an antenna.

When hockey season comes around, I'll get whatever service gives me the best option for the most Blackhawk games in HD (hopefully for the best price).

One thing that was sort of frustrating about my deal with Comcast is that phone service, internet service, and TV service are "bundled", so I never really knew how much I was paying for any individual piece.  But, a nice customer service lady helped me figure that out today.  She even helpfully suggested downgrade options that might work better for me than just dropping my service completely.  Such a nice lady.  In the end, though, we decided (mostly me  ... I think she still had her doubts that I really wanted to do this ... ) that completely dropping TV was the best option for me.

I'm not going to share with you the staggering amount of money I was spending on TV a month.  I'm a bit ashamed by it ... although if you have cable or satellite TV (especially if you are adding on HD), you are probably paying pretty much the same.  If I figure out how much I'm paying per hour of TV actually watched, the figure is even more embarrassing.  I wish I would have done this right after the Hawks won the cup.

Anyway, if you are visiting me this summer, and expecting to watch TV, your selection of channels is going to be greatly reduced.  Make sure you bring a book or a laptop or some other form of personal entertainment with you.

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