Saturday, December 14, 2013

I got another email from the Contact Me form on this blog. I've been a little more selective about what I share from those emails. It was getting a little ridiculous. People's definition of what matches the overall theme of this blog were much different than what I thought the overall theme of this blog is.

However, this one fits perfectly. Ironically, I let it sit in my inbox longer than I usually do before posting one of these that I get from Contact Me

Basically, it was a press release for a new (new at the time I got the email) website:

I thought I was going to do a proper analysis of the site and I just never got around to it. I'll just say that I think this is awesome. Basically, it is a website to help beer geeks like me find breweries to visit. As a guy who likes to drink from local breweries ... no matter where I am ... I have quite often wished I had something like this.

Summit Brewing Company in Minnesota

 There are probably some functional improvements they could make, but they do seem to have every brewery that I know of in the area .. and I think that is the important thing. They can always build on the functionality.

The site is pretty decent on my smartphone as well, which I think is important. The only thing I wish the mobile site had was the ability to use my location. At the very least, I think it should have a zip-code search. 

But again, I'm that sort of thing can be added.

So, check it out. Let me know what you think. 

Tiny little American Sky Brewing Co in Hudson, WI


HERE is the email I got:

Hi, I wanted reach out to let you know about our new website We've done something that no one else has done before. We've compiled every brewery and brewpub in America along with their brewery tour schedules and tasting room times. We paired all of that info to our trip planner for everyone to create their own custom brew trail. We like to say that we've made visiting breweries easier.

Check out the website and let me know what you think. If you think it's cool, maybe it's something you can cover.
Here's our press release:

New Website Helps Beer Lovers Plan Their Ultimate Tasting Trip Maps and Details of Every Brewery in the Country

New Haven, CT – November 13, 2013 – Beer lovers, your prayers have been answered – visiting breweries just got easier.  Brew Trail (, the ultimate compilation of brewery information, has gone online and promises to make beer tourism a one-stop planning experience.  According to the Brewer’s Association, there are 2,538 breweries and brewpubs operating in the country (the most since the 1880s) and only one website - Brew Trail - has tracked them all along with the meticulous key details like their brewery tour and tasting room schedules.  Never before has so much detailed brewery data been available on one site.  With Brew Trail’s Trip Planner, aficionados can plot out a multi-state tour or simply check out some new breweries in town, easily incorporating each brewery’s schedule to cover ground most efficiently.  It’s all free, and it’s optimized for mobile devices.  From pilsners in Portland to stouts in St. Louis, Brew Trail will help plan a fantastic expedition along America’s beer trail.

“It’s been a true labor of love.  A very, very detailed labor of love,” said Brew Trail co-founder Chris Margonis.  “Why did we start the site?  My buddy and I love beer, it’s as simple as that.  And when we realized there weren’t any sites like this – a one-stop spot for all the brewery details along with brewery tour and tasting room times, we devoted ourselves even more to our hobby.  We want Brew Trail to be seen as a promotional asset for all craft breweries - to help them level the playing field and gain recognition among the big boys.  And we think Brew Trail also has the potential to become an excellent tool for state and local tourism boards as more and more localities launch their own beer trails.”

The US craft beer movement has been exploding, with an astounding 10% annual growth – even while overall beer consumption has been declining slightly in favor of wine and spirits.  Although it makes sense given that craft beers have similar complexities and food pairings as wine.  Five out of ten fastest growing beer brands are craft (Dale’s Pale Ale, Lagunitas, Ranger, Torpedo, Shiner) and several of them  have been seeing a mind-boggling 45% growth in sales.  With this new, overwhelming beer awareness, Brew Trail arrives at the perfect time to make a potential mark on the scene and establish itself within the craft beer culture.

About Brew Trail (

Visiting breweries just got easier.  Brew Trail compiles every brewery and brewpub in the country – over 2,500 - allowing beer lovers to quickly and seamlessly plan their ultimate tasting trip.  Tour schedules, tasting room hours, fees and other info is all available on one site for the first time ever.


Brewers Association (

Demeter Group (

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