Thursday, November 06, 2014

#StoutDay & #GnomesLikeBeer

As I am sure you know, today is International Stout Day.

Yes it is.

The first Thursday in November always is. It is not as popular as #IPADay, but .... well ... you know.

As a Beer Geek, I was aware of  #StoutDay, and planned ahead. I got myself some Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro. You may remember that in my Colorado 6 pack, I included this beer. Both the Nitro version and the non-Nitro version are delicious. The reason I picked the this beer for my #StoutDay beer was that untappd had another badge specific to the Nitro version "Pour Hard".

I was able to get both badges on one untappd check-in.

Yes, I was.

I tweeted my #StoutDay picture. The Active Brewer tweeted me back ....

We tweeted back and forth for awhile, but the gist of the conversion was that ... as it turns out .... my Brewing Gnomes, Gnasty and Gnaughty have fans.


Yes it is.

Apparently they are "cute".

As my Brewing Gnomes have fans, I thought it appropriate that I should come up with a #HashTag for them.

I thought perhaps ...


or maybe


or perhaps


His answer was

I thought of the choices I gave him, #GnomesLikeBeer flowed the best anyway. It also has the potential to be picked up by others. #SheppyBrewGnomes probably wouldn't

No, it wouldn't.

For what it is worth ... this weekend I will be brewing Gnaughty Gnome English Coffee Stout. Gnaughty was kind enough to help me come up with the recipe.

It is about over, but never-the-less, I wish you a merry International Stout Day.

If you wish to follow the adventures of the SheppyBrew Gnomes, bookmark this link: Sheppy's Blog: #GnomesLikeBeer. And / or look at the twitter hash tag: #GnomesLikeBeer. And/ or "like" SheppyBrew Brewery's Facebook page.

Gnasty says Go Blackhawks!

Gnaughty says Go Bears!

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