Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Still More @Untappd Badges 18

From time to time, I share the untappd badges that I've earned. I can't imagine why you would want to, but you can look at all the posts (including this one) by going to the "untappd" label on this blog.

Here are some of the badges I've "earned" since Still More @Untappd Badges 17 .

Untappd 4th Anniversary: It is hard to believe that Untappd has only been around for 4 years, but their birthday was this October. All I had to do to get this badge was check-in any beer between October 22-31. The beer that got me this badge was Lagunitas Sucks by Lagunitas Brewing Company.

Fruits of Your Labor (Level 2): Apparently, I've checked into 10 different fruit beers since this badge was added to untappd. Now, that is hard to believe. Only 5 more, and I get level 3. Hurray! The beer that got me to level 2 was Framboyz In the Hood by Living The Dream Brewing, one of my local breweries.

Witch's Brew (2014): Not hard to figure out what this beer is all about. Halloween. Yes, I had to drink a beer on Halloween. Like I need an excuse to drink on Halloween. The beer that got me this badge was SheppyBrew's own Falling Leaves Harvest Saison. I actually brought along a half-growler with me trick-or-treating. Makes the army of kids I was with much more tolerable.

Pour Hard! and Stout Day (2014): I've already shared how and why I got these two badges. See #StoutDay & #GnomesLikeBeer if you missed it. Milk Stout Nitro by Left Hand Brewing Company, baby!

Winter Wonderland (Level 2 and 3): Yes, since this badge has been added to untappd, I have had 15 winter warmers. The beer that got me to #3, not surprisingly, was X-Mas Ale 2014 by SheppyBrew Home Brewery .

Pucker Up (Level 7 and 8): I continue to rack up the sour beers. One helping factor is my Gruntled Sour Wei├če along with its various blends. The beer that got me to level 8, however was New Belgium Brewing Company's La Folie.

But wait ... there is more. Sometime since  Still More @Untappd Badges 17, untappd increased its maximum levels from 10 to 50. Spoiler alert, there are a couple of badges in which I jumped straight to level 50. There are a few others that I increased my badge levels much higher than 10.

Stay tuned on Sheppy's Blog: Untappd for those exciting developments!

Go Blackhawks!

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