Friday, February 06, 2015

Craft Beer Calculator

As I mentioned before, usually when people send me a request to share some sort of link via my Contact Me form, I am pretty accommodating. Apparently, sometime last week someone tried to contact me using that form. Either the email server from my hosting company did not work quite right or (unfortunately more likely), I deleted the email thinking it was a server status email. Unfortunately, the "Contact Me" email and the server status emails look very similar.

Anyway. This person did not give up. He cleverly went to the SheppyBrew Facebook Page and messaged me.

He wants me to help him "take a stance against drunk driving" and share a resource on my blog:

It is a cool little on-line tool that calculates your Blood Alcohol Content based on various inputs. Are you male or female? How much do you weigh? How many beers of what alcohol content did you have? How long did it take you to consume these beers.

One thing it does is allows you to search for an actual beer. This will automatically give you the alcohol content. This is awesome, but I can imagine that this is going to be a pain to keep current. The guy who sent me the link says that he manually tries to keep that updated. He is certainly more motivated than I would ever be. The craft beer segment is growing so fast, I am sure he is continually out of date.

I cannot verify the calculator's accuracy, and I don't think you should use this as a tool to determine your ability to drive home. If you are at the bar and even think you might have to use this, I suggest simply calling a cab.

But it is a fun little thing to play around with in your free time, and hopefully it will get you thinking seriously about how dangerous getting behind the wheel of a car can be even after a few.

Here is the message with the name of the individual taken out:

Hey there,

I emailed you via your website last week, but had no response.

I came across your site when I was searching for craft breweries, and different beer and alcohol related websites. I found the information on your site to be especially interesting- I love reading about one of my favorite things to do on the weekends!

I just shared your site to my personal Facebook page for my other beer enthusiast friends. I absolutely love it. I was hoping you could help we with a small favor...

I wanted to reach out to you and see if you would help me take a stance against drunk driving. I am trying to promote a resource called, and was hoping you would help me by sharing the resource on your site. The calculator is super useful, and allows users to input various factors to determine their BAC levels in a few seconds.

I'm really hoping you can help me, since the number of drunk driving fatalities last year was over 10,000. My goal is to gain 50 shares- If you can help me, please let me know!

I will wait to hear back from you.



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