Tuesday, April 04, 2017

V is for Vine Street Pub and Brewery


After a great end-of-the-year run in the A to Z Denver Breweries series, 2017 has been somewhat slow.

I did hit U is for Ursula Brewery in late January, and nothing since then. I was hoping to finish this whole thing up by now. Obviously that has not happened.

Wondering what the hell I'm talking about ... check out Sheppy's Blog: A to Z ... I think you'll be able to figure out the concept.

And ... so what comes after U?


V comes after U.

Are you ready ....

Vine Street is a member of the Mountain Sun Pubs and Breweries Group. It is the only pub of the group located in Denver. Unlike most of the breweries I've listed, this one actually has a kitchen and food menu.

So, the SheppyBrew Beer Model and I visited on a beautiful mid-March spring-like day for the dinner portion of a date night.

We started with a flight at the bar while we waited for a table to open up on the patio. The table was ready before we finished the flight.

The beers we started off with:

  • Annapurna Amber: 5.9% ABV. Pleasant malty amber with a nice hop balance. 
  • Big Krane Kolsch: 5.3% ABV. I love a good Kölsch, and this one was delicious. Nice floral hops with that wonderful delicate malt flavor. Beautiful beer. 
  • Colorado Kind Ale: 6.2% ABV. "Original Rocky Mountain hoppy amber ale". Nice cascade hop flavor to go along with the sweet amber ale.
  • XXX Pale Ale: 7.6% ABV. I didn't find this real hoppy, but it was pleasant and drinkable. The Beer Model also liked it (which isn't always the case in Pale Ales).
  • Blackberry Wheat: 5.5% ABV. Standard American wheat with Blackberry flavor. Pretty dry. Very delicious. Well done fruit beer.
  • Girl Scout Chocolate Mint Stout: Great stout with a touch of mint flavoring. 

The food was not quite ready by the time we finished flight one, so we got a second flight:

  • Baren Flustern Weizenbock: Weizenbock is not a favorite style of mine, but his was a good one.
  • Prep School Pale Ale: More of a hoppy pale ale. Loved it. If I were to have purchased a growler, this is probably what I would have picked.
  • F.Y.I.P.A.: 7.5% ABV. Great name. Awesome hop aroma. Juicy. Fresh. Citrusy. Resinous. Delicious. I had a pint of this.
  • Black Aria Baltic Porter: Nice roast flavor. 
  • Isadore Java Porter: 5.8% ABV. A great coffee porter. 
  • ???: I had another beer in this flight, but apparently I neglected to record it in untappd, I am certain I enjoyed it.

I thought all these beers were great. The food was yummy as well. I could probably spend a whole day sitting on the patio sipping on beers and watching traffic go by.

I suggest you give the pub a visit.

It is located at 1700 Vine Street Denver, CO 80206, and it is open from 11AM to 1AM every day of the week.

And now... as you can probably figure out ... my next letter of the alphabet is "W".

At this point, I don't know what brewery it is going to be ... you'll have to come back to find out.

Go Blackhawks!

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