Thursday, January 11, 2018

First time Smoking Ribs

I got a picture of a grill / smoker for Christmas.

My wife did everything she could to get me an actual grill / smoker, but due to a delivery SNAFU, the picture was all I received.

While waiting for the delivery SNAFU to get fixed, I spent a significant amount of time reading books and websites about smoking various meats. I also watched lots of youtube videos on the same.

I think my favorite videos came from BBQ Pit Boys. Those guys amuse me, and I think they do a good job clearly explaining the process of smoking meats.

Anyway ... last week, I finally got the grill delivered. Separately, I got the smoker box delivered.

Saturday morning, I attached the smoker box to the grill.

Sunday, I smoked my first meat ... a rack of pork spare ribs.

I made a rub loosely based on the Basic Barbecue Rub on Some useful Recipes for Barbecue.

I got the rib placed on the grill around 12 noon.

As this was the maiden voyage of the smoker, my main goal was learning how to manage the temperature. I was shooting for 250 degrees, and for the most part I achieved that temperature pretty well.

There were a few times where the heat jumped up farther than I wanted it to, but for the most part I got the hang of what I need to do to maintain a pretty consistent temperature. Sometimes it helps to fail a little in order to learn how to do something.

The meat was actually finished quicker than I expected. According to this handy Smoking Times and Temperature Chart, and things I've read / watched, I was expecting 6ish hours. For the most part, I averaged 250, but spent more time over 250 than under it. I also spiked temperature above 280 for more time than I should have.

It was really done around 4 hours. In retrospect, I probably should have shot for 225, and had my spikes at 250. Live and learn. Next time.

I also made the mistake of not believing that the meat was done, and left it on even though I thought it was ready to eat.

The meat turned out delicious, but there were a few spots overdone.

All in all, though, I am pleased with the result. My wife and kids really liked it.

That is guuud.

This weekend, I am planning on smoking a Boston Butt for pulled port. I'll try to maintain a lower temp and go longer.

I'm really going to enjoy this new hobby of mine.


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