Thursday, March 28, 2019

Golden Gate Bridge

The kids had spring break this week.

We'd never been to San Francisco, and heard good things from friends and family who had visited recently. So, we decided to spend some time there for our vacation.

We stayed right in town by Fisherman's Wharf and ended up walking a bunch.

While there, I took a bunch of pictures.

Many of these pictures that I took were from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Here are some of those that I took.

We arrived Saturday. Didn't get real close to the bridge. But, of course I still took some of the pictures.

On Sunday, we took a San Francisco Movies Tour. This brought us close to the bridge.

After the tour, we took an uber back and spent time around the visitor's center and walked most of the way across the bridge.

On Monday, we drove across the bridge to Muir Woods. Afterwards, we took some pictures from that side of the bay.

On Tuesday, we went to Alcatraz Island and took some more pictures of the bridge.

There were many more pictures of the bridge taken on our trip. But, I'm sure you get the idea.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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