Sunday, June 02, 2019

Memorial Weekend in Estes Park Part 2

Rocky Mountain National Park is always fun.

We decided to stay in Estes Park over Memorial Day Weekend, and obviously ... when in Estes Park, we had to spend some time in RMNP.

May has been particularly snowy in Colorado, and Trail Ridge Road was closed, but we could spend time on the East side of the park.

On Sunday, we found a RMNP trail accessable from Estes Park (as opposed to going through any of the drive-through entrances).

Gem Lake was the name of the trail. We started late morning, had lunch by the lake, and then hiked back down.

Here are some pictures from this hike (Part 2) ...

Obviously, the hike and destination were both gorgeous. My photos don't do the trip justice ... but hopefully you got an idea...

I'll post more pictures from another hike soon. Keep checking Sheppy's Blog: RMNP for the next blog post.

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