Monday, December 02, 2019

L is for Lariat Lodge Brewing – Littleton


It was only a couple weeks ago that I posted K is for Kitchen, Lowdown Brewery +

And, as you probably know, L comes right after K.

Don't believe me .... look it up.

As I mentioned in K is for Kitchen, Lowdown Brewery +, I had an L brewery in mind. There are actually plenty of "L" breweries in the Denver area. Even when I eliminate the ones I've been to, I still have a few I can use in the future.

The brewery I had in mind is very close to my house and this location only opened up this past summer.

I was actually quite excited to try it out. And ... the Friday after Thanksgiving, the Beer Model and I did go check it out.

Big L, little l. What begins with L?

L is for Lariat Lodge Brewing – Littleton
L. L. L.

There has been a Lariat Lodge Brewing in Evergreen for quite some time. I have often told myself I should stop by and try it sometime, but I never have.

This past summer they opened a second location closer to our house at.

12684 W Indore Pl.
Littleton, CO 80127

Hours: Daily: 11:00am-10:00pm

They moved into a space that used to be another restaurant.

The place looks very similar, although there is a bunch more brewing equipment in the space now that it is a brewery.

They also serve food, so the Beer Model and I had lunch there.

We had a flight of beers. The waitress told us we could have everything on the menu, but as it turned out, they were out of 3 beers.

The waitress got the order of the flight mixed up, and I gave the beers a few lower untappd scores than they deserved because I thought they were horrible examples of their styles.

Eventually I got it figured out, though.

  • Lariat Lodge IPA ... Our waitress told us that "Golden Goliath" was the IPA. So, this was one of the beers that got a bad comment from me. The IPA was much better when I actually sorted out which one it was.
  • Bear Creek Blonde Ale ... Another one that suffered a bad review in untappd from me because of the waitress telling us wrong. But, when we got things figured out, this was really a very good blond. The Beer Model got a pint of this.
  • Golden Goliath ... Was a horrible IPA, but a very good Golden Strong. 
  • Angry Elk Amber Ale ... Pretty nice standard American Amber. The waitress actually had this one correct.
  • Panoramic Porter ... Another one that was actually correctly identified to us. Nice porter.
  • Red Rocks IPA ... My favorite of the flight, and the one I got a pint of. Lots of different hops in this one.

The food was very good. I had a Reuben, which is probably the best Reuben I've had in quite awhile.

My wife liked her food as well.

It seemed to be fairly popular, and there were a fair number of people there for a Saturday lunch time.

Unlike the letter "L", I am having troubles finding a brewery in the area whose name starts with the letter "M". Let me know if you have a suggestion.

I'm sure I'll figure something out.

You'll have to wait and see what I come up with... keep an eye on Sheppy's Blog: A to Z to find out what I pick.

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  1. Closest "M" Breweries ...
    Mother Tucker Brewery (Thornton ... 28 miles, 41 minutes)

    Mirror Image Brewing Company (Frederick ... 42 miles, 55 minutes)

    Mother Tucker Brewery (Louisville) (Louisville ... 35.5 miles, 46 minutes)

    Mountain Cowboy Brewing Company (Frederick ... 41.6 miles, 54 minutes)

    Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery (Boulder ... 34.7 miles, 52 minutes)