Wednesday, March 05, 2008


The tweedle beetles strike again.

My big TV has been having problems for quite some time. Since about the NFC championship game, the TV has been intermittenly shutting itself off immediatey when I tried to turn it on. I have to shut it off and back on several times before I actually get it on. Once it actually comes on it if fine until I turn it off.

At first, the problem was barely a problem. In fact for awhile I thought that phone suport had helped me fix the problem by going into TV settings and resetting to factory defaults. But it started getting worse and now I can count on spending 10 minutes trying to get the TV on.

The TV is still under warranty.

Vizio sent out an independent support tech out to replace two parts and the TV still did not work. Now they are sending me a new TV. They are low on stock for my model so they are sending out a newer model.

It has taken a long time (some of which is my fault), but in another 7 to 10 business days, I will have a brand-new 50 inch HD TV.

As I said, the whole process seems like it should have taken less time but for the most part considering everything, they did a fine job resolving the situation. I do not really have a problem with their problem resolution.

I hate the fact that the most expensive TV I have ever bought caused me the most problems. The most I have ever spent on a TV before this was less than 200 bucks and it is 13 years old with NO problems. I had my big fancy new technologically advanced TV for less than a couple of months and had major problems with it. And if it had not been under warranty I would probably have spent more money getting it fixed than I spent on all my previous TVs combined (all my 2 previous TVs).

And it seems to me that the more advanced and expensive things get, the more unreliable they tend to be. And the repairs get more expensive.

The guy who came by to replace the TV components told me that my brand of TV is usually one of the most dependable he services, and that I was just having ba luck with it. I did believe that he was telling the truth.

And if the new TV lasts me 20 years, I will be very happy. But right now I sort of doubt that this will last me as long as my other TVs. And that sort of pisses me off.

Right now I feel like

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