Wednesday, May 07, 2008


A man a plan a canal panama

I am not good at identifying palindromes. I heard the panama one on the radio and typed it into my phone. I am not sure why, but there is something mysterious about palindromes. Something sort of exciting.

It is raining this morning. Denver traffic is not very good about dealing with rain. Drainage on the highways is horrible and just about any decent amount of rain results in flooded roads. The traffic report kept talking about closed down ramps and standing water right downtown where I am going today.

So I decided to ride the train in. There was one leaving right when I got here. I could have made it but decided to wait. The wait was a bit longer than it should have been, but now I am on the train.

I will probably take it tomorrow because there is an afternoon Rockies game and I do not wish to spend time looking for a decent price for parking.

Considering how expensive gas is lately, maybe I should make this a regular thing again. It just adds too much time to the commute.

Anyway, we got thunder storms last night. I heard thunder starting around 3. That kind of weather is unusual for Colorado. We get a lot of afternoon storms in he spring and summer, but rarely ones in the early morning.

My lawn really needs the rain. I am glad we are getting the moisture. I actually sort of like rainy mornings .... Probably from years of living in Washington. And I sort of miss this sort of weather in sunny Denver.

Well, I am getting close to my stop. Hope you enjoyed my boring blog.

Feel free to use the Palindrome if you would like.

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