Monday, May 05, 2008

I hate Red Wings

Well, I guess Denver does not have to worry about hockey-crazy fans rioting over a Stanley Cup this year.

Not only did the wings sweep the Avalanche, but in game 4, just humiliated the team. It was horrible to watch, and to make matters worse, it sure seemed that there were more evil Red Wing fans at the game than fans of the home team. This was especially true later in the game when the wings had 5,6 and maybe even 7 goal leads.

The Avs were missing Foresberg, Smythe, Wolski, and Stastny in the final game, and most of those players for most of the series. Even so, a professional hockey team should not lose 8 to 2 in an elimination game.

I guess 16W V2 is not happening this year.

I am not sure it will be happening any time soon here in Denver. Certainly, if we compare the Red Wings to the Avalanche, the Avs have a long way to go.

Well, I guess there is always next year.

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