Thursday, August 21, 2008


The Democratic National Convention is located in Denver this year.

Next week, downtown will be extremely busy.

Huge things are big for the economy of a city, but I have to wonder if anyone ever takes into account costs such as employees who either cannot get to work because of traffic concerns or decide just not to come to work.

Personally, I am planning on working from home and not dealing with the pain. Unfortunately, everyone at my client is planning on doing the same thing, and I am told the VPN probably will not be able to handle the traffic. As a highly paid consultant, if I cannot work, I probably just will not bill and do something else. CHFA has a great vacation and PTO package and I have a feeling a bunch of people there will end up being "sick". That will cost CHFA, but I guess officially it is time due their employees anyway.

But I imagine all across downtown there will be a staggering number of people who will not work that week because they cannot easily get to their offices.

The conventionteers are not so much of an issue apparently as the large number of protestors who will invade Denver. I have heard huge projections on how many there will be. Obviously, no on knows for sure, but I have heard guesses up over the hundred thousand mark. This on top of people who are actually here for the convention itself. Most of these protestors will have no place to sleep... All hotels are booked for hundreds of miles.

Anyway, it will all be a terrible mess.

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