Friday, August 15, 2008


School started for Tyler this week. It seems too early. School should start in the fall and there are still a couple of weeks of summer left.

Once again it seems like we wasted the summer. We only went camping twice. One of those was before summer started. I did not climb any 14ers. No SheppyQuest.

We may make one more family camping trip and it SheppyQuest is usually in September so I guess officially I could salvage the summer.

Plus we did have week of Trash 2008. We did get away for Tracy's birthday weekend. Tracy and I got away for a romantic weekend without the kids. So, considering my weird work situation, we did pretty well. I guess.

When I started working for myself, part of the appeal was the freedom. While I do have more freedom as my own employee, I take most of that up with my side business. I have the freedom to replace part of my high paying job with the more difficult hardly pay at all job. Does not seem that smart. Plus, now my client is the "boss". CHFA is an extremely easy-going boss which fits well with my side business, but it is a fact that working for yourself does not necesssarily mean you have more freedom. The customer calls generally calls the shots. I probably would not be able to do Auction Automations with just about ay other customer.

The truth of the matter, though, is that the summer went too quickly.

I am told that the mountains are expecting snow tonight.

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