Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My sister has started a blog. http://bluefield5.blogspot.com . I am not sure why I am posting that fact. The majority of people who read my blog (my dad and my sister) already know.

As of right now, she has 5 posts over the past 5 days. She is already beating me for September even though I have had about 18 more days to post this month. And of course her posts are much more interesting than mine. I bet more people have read them.

Its not a competition you say? You are probably right.

I asked her how she picked BlueField as a blogspot sub-domain. She tells me that Blauwkamp means blue field. Pretty cool if you ask me. I guess the 5 is because there are 5 people in her family (and because bluefield was already taken).

Oh well... Blog away.

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