Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It is gonna happen

I am actually doing it. Thursday night or Friday morning I will be heading up to Lost Creek Wilderness for my 4th SheppyQuest. I should probably leave right now because I am too obsessed with looking at maps and imagining my trip to get much done at work.

As far as work goes, this Friday and Monday are not the best to miss, but at this point I am committed to this weekend. It would have to be something pretty major preventing me from doing my Quest this year.

One thing I am unsure of is whether I should attempt the whole loop or just set up a base camp and day-hike Saturday and Sunday. My guess is that the full loop is a bit ambitious, but what is SheppyQuest without a challenge? It probably depends a bunch on how I feel Friday. Weather may be a factor as well.

I feel like I should have a goal as to what I want to mentally resolve this weekend. I have no idea. Well, I have ideas, but am not sure about them. I sort of would like to figure out a career path, but can I do that in the wilderness over a weekend. My faith could probably use strengthening. SheppyQuest is a good opportunity for introspection about that. Probably the thing I want to "fix" most about myself is to lose 20 to 50 pounds. A plan for that might be a good goal for the weekend.

But, maybe I should just see where the weekend takes me mentally.

I have a cold for about 4 weeks now. I am not 100 percent, ad I hope SheppyQuest does not aggravate my cough. Obviously, it would be ideal to be 100 percent healthy for my trip. Maybe I will be, but probably not. The cold does not feel bad enough for me to want to postpone. I might change my mind up in the cold high-country. I guess we will see.

Well, that is it for now. Next blog will probably be after SheppyQuest 2008. Aren't you excited?

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