Saturday, October 18, 2008

Big Screen Monitor

Here is what my sister's blog on a 50 inch big screen computer monitor. Last year I was seriously considering putting my big screen T.V. on my corporate tax return as a piece of business equipment because of the fact that I can use it as a computer monitor. Me being a computer professional, it seems reasonable that a computer monitor would be a business expense, right? I have other computer monitors listed as corporate equipment. In the end, I figured the 50 inch T.V. was just too much of a stretch, although I know a few people who have claimed similar type things. I was never actually seriously considering claiming the T.V. but it certainly would have made it a better financial decision to buy.

At the moment, I am letting my kids watch some of the online videos at on the big screen. I also use the big screen to watch Netflix online "watch now" movies sometimes. In fact the kids and I were just watching a "Walking with Dinosaurs" video from Netflix this morning before Mommy got up.

But for the most part, I do not use the big computer monitor.

Probably the fact that I use the 50 inch T.V. as a computer monitor at all is just one more indication of my computer geek status.

But, Tera, your blog does look real cool on a huge screen T.V.

Here is a video the kids and I were watching on the big screen too:

Isn't the little boy cute?

1 comment:

  1. Very cute! (much cuter the second time around since it wasn't stopping every 2 seconds) Connor looks so much like you. And was that your brilliant wife's idea with the frogs and the counting? No wonder your kids are so smart...


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