Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No School

Tyler did not have school today (Tuesday). Some sort of teacher-in-service day. He got off Friday and Monday (Presidents Day) too.

Monday and Fridays are easy because Tracy works part time, three day weeks and has Fridays and Mondays off. Tuesdays are another story, though. We could put Tyler in La Petite (Connor's preschool and Tyler's before / after school care) for the day. But, I hate doing that. It just does not seem fair to have a day off and have to spend it in "school".

So, I try to not work on days when Tyler is off school and Tracy has to work.

Today, I figured I would have to at least be available for my client, though. So, I gave the boys the choice to stay home with me or going to La Petite. I told them that I would have to work most of the day and that if they chose to stay at home I expected them to play nicely together and be able to let me work.

I was extremely pleased with their ability to work together to come up with activities to keep themselves busy. They did every one of their puzzles together. They also played a lot with their Marble Run game. They made a real good one.

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