Sunday, March 28, 2010

1st Quarter Stats

Well, I mixed up Monkish Wit in Rutt yesterday.  Tuke still has another week to finish up Buckwheat's Belgium Pale Ale, so for all practical purposes, the first quarter of 2010 is done.  You may remember in SheppyBrew 2009 Stats I discussed the beers that I had made in 2009.  I was curious to see how I've been tracking in 2010, so I took a look through my brewing calendar for what I have done so far this year.

  • 2009:  I brewed 29 batches of beer. 
    2010 so far:  I have mixed 9 batches ... putting me on pace for 36 batches in 2010 (around 81 gallons give or take)
  • 2009:  There were 18 completely different recipes. 
    2010:  so far, all of them have been different recipes.  7 of them are brand new in 2010.  2 (Phat & Tyred, Fools Gold) were repeats (with minor tweaks) of recipes I brewed last year.
  • 2009:  26 Sheppy Brew recipes. 
    2010 all so far have been SheppyBrew recipes.  Monkish Wit might be debatable, but I did come up with the additions on my own, so I am counting it as mine.
  • 2009:  93% were good, very good, great, or oh-my-god fantastic. 
    2010:  100% (so far) have been good, very good, great, or oh-my-god fantastic.  (of course 4 have not really been tasted fully carbonated, yet.  I'll let you know if I have to modify this stat).
  • 2009:  6 batches had no Mr. Beer ingredients. 
    2010:  6 already have had no Mr. Beer ingredients.
  • 2009:  The person who consumed the most SheppyBrew (other than the Brew Master) was Tracy Shepard. 
    2010:  Still the Beer Model.
Interesting stuff, huh?  Well, I might be the only interested party.
Lately, I've been doing big hoppy darkish beers.  The beer model does not prefer big, hoppy, or dark.  We are running dangerously low on Wetta Blonde and Girly Berry, which are the Beer Model's favorites.  It has been requested that I work on getting the light beer inventory up.  I have started doing that.  Buckwheat's Belgium Pale Ale, and Monkish Wit are answers to that request.  I am pretty sure that one of my next batches will be a Girly Berry, and I certainly want to do a Whisky Wife Wheat so that it will be ready for early summer.  I have to take care of my #1 customer, you know.

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