Tuesday, September 07, 2010


This is just my opinion, but I think "LMAO" is way overused.  Quite often, I'll read something on Facebook or some other online forum type site that I find mildly amusing (or sometimes not assuming at all), and someone else will have responded with a LMAO.

I almost always want to tack on another response:  "Really?  You found that SO funny that you started laughing uncontrollably and your butt was in danger of falling all-the-way off?"  I never do, because I do not want to be the kind of troll that attacks people on online, and I have a feeling that some people would consider that question an attack.  I am certainly not qualified to judge what people laugh at, and so it is completely possible that I just do not get the joke once in awhile.  So, maybe I am wrong and everything is much more hilarious than I think it is.

But be the judge for yourself.  Here is an example:
I posted on my facebook status that I had been offered a free all-session pass to GABF.
My brother-in-law (Tracy's actual brother) responded with, "Is that the Gay Amish Biker Festival?"
My sister-in-law (the wife of one of Tracy's step brothers) responded:  "LMAO @ Ted!"

To be perfectly honest, I thought what Ted wrote was funny.  I would almost have given it a LOL if I was in the right mood.  But, LMAO?  Not even close.  And, this particular sister-in-law is an extremely fun-loving cheerful, good-natured, good-humored person.  She has a better sense of humor than I do.  But, in all the time I've known her, she has never laughed uncontrollably at anything that I thought was strange to laugh at.  I do not think I've ever seen her laugh her ass all-the-way off (or even close), and we have been together at some very fun events where laughing was going on.

I am not trying to pick on Tracy's step-brother's wife here.  She (at least) made the LMAO at something that was funny.  There are lots of times that it gets used when even the "L" is in question.


It probably goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that I have similar issues with ROFL ROFLMAO.  Only, more so.

But, even considering my dislike of the overuse of LMAO (and ROFL ROFLMAO), you know what REALLY drives me crazy?  When someone uses "your" despite the fact that what he/she really means is "you're",  THAT annoys me. 

By the way ... Ted, I know that you know how to Google and so you probably already know this (or don't even care), but GABF stands for Great American Beer Festival.  I'll let you know if I see any confused Amish Bikers (gay or not) while I'm there.


  1. Did you happen to catch the set on Last Comic Standing, where the comedian was talking about LOL? Now *that* made me laugh...out loud, even.

  2. I did not catch that. It sounds like it could have been funny, though.