Saturday, October 02, 2010

3rd Quarter Stats

I just bottled up my X-Mas Ale 2010 , and I guess it is now a good time to share my stats for the 3rd brewing quarter of 2010.  In case you feel you need to review, here is a link to the 2nd Quarter Stats.  The biggest news of the quarter is that Sheppy Brew has made the jump to All Grain Brewing (see also:  AG Brew day, Roctoberfest Lager, and 15 Year Amber Ale)  My beautiful Beer Model has also gone through her first brew day (see 15 Year Amber Ale).

So, here are how the brewing stats are going after quarter #3:
  • 2010:  I have mixed 25 batches of beer.  This means I only did 7 in the 3rd quarter, so my pace for this year is down to 33 batches.  (around 75 gallons)
    In 2009, I brewed 29 batches of beer.

  • 2010:  I have brewed 19 different recipes.  13 of these are brand new to 2010.
    2009:  I had 18 completely different recipes.

  • 2010:  I've done 2 lagers.  My second is called Rocktoberfest Lager, which is just a fantastic beer.  It was one my my All Grain Batches.
    2009:  All my beers were ales.

  • 2010:  All my beers so far have still been Sheppy Brew recipes.
    2009:  26 were Sheppy Brew recipes.

  • 2010:  100% (so far) have been good, very good, great, or oh-my-god fantastic.
    2009:  93% were been good, very good, great, or oh-my-god fantastic.

  • 2010:  9 batches have been partial mashes.
    2009:  I did 3 partial mashes.

  • 2010:  19 batches have had no Mr. Beer ingredients.
    2009:  6 batches had no Mr. Beer ingredients.

  • 2010:  I've done 4 All Grain batches (I'll do my 5th tomorrow)
    2009:  0 All Grain batches.

The all grain brewing has been going fantastic.  At the same time I started the all-grain batches, I started brewing outside, and that is working out real well for me too.  It is so nice to be out of the way and not heat up the kitchen.  Plus, the boil is much faster with the outdoor propane burner than it was on the electric kitchen stove.

Last night, the beer model and I tried the beer we brewed together, 15 Year Anniversary Amber Ale.  I think it might be the perfect compromise between the kind of beers she likes and the kind of beers I like.  It is light and refreshing, and has a malt taste very similar to her favorite (Buckwheat's Belgium Pale Ale), but it also has a nice balance of floral, slightly spicy hop aroma and flavor.  I think we are going to have to brew it up again soon.  It probably is not going to last long.

Based on the success of Rocktoberfest Lager, I really need to do more lagers.  I was able to keep my fermentation temperatures perfect (start at 50, let rise no higher than 55, keeping it steady) by using one of my big 120 quart coolers along with 2 frozen gallon bottles of water, switching out as needed.  And the finished beer is a treat to drink (I'm having one right now).  I probably should let it age a bit more, but that is just not going to happen.  Unfortunately, the Rockies are not playing in October, so I can't enjoy these while watching them make another run at the world series, but we can't have everything, now can we.

Oh ... remember back in February, I was complaining about my low Attenuation?  Back then, out of the beers that I measured, I was getting less than 70% on average.  This quarter, I have been tracking attenuation, and my average is a bit over 79%.  My yeasties are eating better and having more fun.

My next step has to be to get myself a 5 gallon setup.  I do not think I'll stop doing the small batches, but when I'm making one of my regulars (such as Phat & Tyred or Buckwheat's BPA), it would be nice to make a big enough batch to ensure that I don't have to worry about it running low.

Of course, at the moment, by beer fridge is full.  My homebrews have invaded my commercial beer fridge and we even have a few that are sitting up in the food fridge in the kitchen.  I guess I need to share more of these beers.  Come on over and have one!

I'm starting the 4th quarter off strong tomorrow with an all-grain version of my world famous Phat & Tyred Ale.  Yum!

By the way, I just got my 5 gallon pin after giving blood today.  Man, that seems like a lot of blood.  Just think of 5 red milk jugs sitting in your fridge!