Saturday, November 06, 2010

Zoo Zoo Zoo

We went to the Denver Zoo today.  It was a very nice day.  Mid to Upper 70s, which is pretty warm for November in Denver.

Here is Connor Showing us his map.
I walked ahead of Mommy and the kids just a bit while going to see the lions.  I heard the male roar really loud and run after one of the females and then got mean with another of the females.  I guess they were nagging him just too much and he snapped.  Mommy and the kids heard the roar, but missed the spectacle.  It was sort of exciting.  Lions roar very loud.

Here are a couple of lions
There are a few baby tigers in with their momma.  We had never seen them in there before.  It was sort of cool to see them playing today.

Momma and Baby Tigers

A couple more babies.

The Beer Model's Babies

A dragon that really cooperated for the photo op.

A kid who really cooperated for the photo op.

A kid who sort of cooperated.

The asked me to take this picture.
Here is a video of a fox who was searching for a little bone.  The zoo keeper had hidden it for him as we got there.  It did not take the fox long to find out where the bone was.  If you are a facebook reader of this blog, you will actually have to go to to see the video of the fox.

Tonight I tried one of the all-grain recipe versions of my world famous Phat & Tyred Ales.  I compared it to a bottle of the partial mash version.  Visually, these are right on.  They taste almost exactly alike.  There is a slight difference in the AG version that is hard for me to describe.  I guess I would say it is smoother.  Maybe better blended.  Not sure, but it does have something extra that makes me like it just a bit better.  I am sure this is something I would not notice unless I was tasting these side-by-side.

All grain vs Partial Mash of Phat & Tyred Ale

So beautiful.  So delicious.
I think I better brew some more of the Beer Model's favorite beer (Buckwheat's BPA).  According to my Inventory, we are down to 7 bottles.  We do have a whole "party keg", but that needs to be something we drink over a day or two.  It would be nice to bring it to some sort of party so others could help us drink that.

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