Tuesday, January 04, 2011

6 Million Barrels


A few weeks ago, I mentioned in Beer Ads that Boston Brewing Company (Sam Adams) is actually on the verge of technically being too big to fall under the definition of craft brewery.

The Brewers Association has just decided to change the definition of "small" from under 2 million barrels to 6 million barrels.

Here:  Brewers Association Announces Revised Craft Brewer Definition

I guess Sam Adams, New Belgium, and Sierra Nevada are safe for awhile.

In case you were wondering, the SheppyBrew Brewery was not even in danger of exceeding the 2 million barrel limit.  I got to almost 2.5 barrels of beer in 2010 leaving me a bit more than 1,999,997.5 barrels short of the 2 million limit.  It is good to have that extra buffer for 2011.


I mentioned in Sheppy's X-Mas Eve that I did some work on the SheppyBrew.com website to prevent spamming in the comments.  It is working.  For awhile after I posted the code change, the spammers appeared to stop even trying.  I continue to track the potential spam comments.  I just don't "publish" them until I manually look at them and decide if it should or should not appear on the site.  For some reason, today the spam-bots seem to be trying again for the first time since Christmas.  Apparently these bots are not smart enough to figure out that it is not working.  Another thing that is sort of dumb is that the vast majority of spam attempts are on a page that is not linked from anywhere, so even if the spam-bots succeeded in posting comments, no one would be able to see them except me.   I don't need viagra, levitra, or cialis.  Honestly, I don't.

I'm starting to accumulate IP addresses of my known comment spammers.   Today, all the spam attempts have come from the same address.  Pretty soon I will do something to known spam IP addresses.  If for some reason, your IP address is incorrectly flagged and you are unable to leave comments on the sight, leave me a quick message from the email form and I'll try to figure out what to do about your situation. 

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