Friday, December 31, 2010

Update on "My" List

Back in June (Best Beers in America) I shared  2010 Zymurgy Best Beers In America Poll.

At that time, I had never had numbers 1 through 4.  Out of the top 10, I had only had 2.  Out of the top 50, I'd only had 8.  That is pretty sad for a supposed craft beer drinker, so I had to get to work drinking more of these beers. 

While in Michigan this week for my grandma's 85th birthday party, I got my hand on #2:  Bell's Two Hearted Ale.  This is another IPA.  It seems like most of the list is some sort of IPA.  This one is just a regular old IPA as opposed to a double or an imperial IPA.  Personally, I would rank this above Pliny, but that's just me.  I actually think the Two Hearted Ale is better than most of those on the list, so I am pretty good with it being at number two.

Over the holidays I also got to taste (tied for) #7:  Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.  This is an interesting beer that uses all fresh hops from Sierra Nevada's own harvest.  It is another hoppy IPA, and it is probably deserving of the list.

I sort of wish the list was more representative of other beer styles.  I get Zymurgy now, so maybe I'll have to make sure I add my vote for the 2011 list.

So, now, I've had all of the top 5.  I've had 9 of the top 10.  I've had 25 on the list of 50 (actually there are more than 50 on the list due to ties at 49).  A large number of the beers were tasted at GABF , so it is a good thing that Mr. Beer invited me this year.

I'll probably be able to taste a few more before the 2011 lists comes out.  I'm sure several of the 2011 beers will be the same, so I will have a pretty good head-start on the 2011 list.

Happy New Year everyone.

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