Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ok ... perhaps there is something to this whole twitter movement.

Thanks to twitter (specifically The Beer Wench ), I found out about .

If you go to, you'll see "The ESheppy Daily".  Take a look at it.  Go ahead, look.  This free service went through my tweets and tweets of those that I follow to put together a newspaper looking thing.  Apparently, it generates a new online "newspaper" every day.

It also put together SheppyBrew Weekly (, which is basically the same thing except its compiled weekly on a subset (a list) of tweeters.

Apparently, if I want to, I can create one based on my facebook account.  I might try that sometime just to see how it compares.  As a general rule, I hate giving applications access to my facebook account.

It actually does a pretty decent job of organizing Twitter into something relevant and useful.  Or at least I think so after looking through it today.  It is pretty cool. 

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