Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sheppy Brew Web Stats

In my last post (Blog Stats), I mentioned that I discovered interesting stats available for my blog.  GoDaddy, my hosting company for, also offers stats.  So, being the geek that I am I went and looked at those as well.

I am actually hosting a few other sites in the same directory structure, so some of the stats are mixed in with other sites, but Sheppy Brew is by far the most active, so most it dominates most of the stats.

Here are the top 11 pages requested at the Sheppy Brew web site (listed most to least):
The fact that the inventory page is the most requested is interesting, but probably not too surprising.  It is the page that I go to the most.  The IP address that hits the site the most just happens to be my home IP address, so most likely the pages I go to most often would be high on the list.

And, actually, the list above only includes public facing pages.  I just left off the login page and some of my content management pages, which actually rank pretty high.  This also points out that most of the traffic to comes from the Brew Master (me).

It is clear, though, that others do go to the site.  It is hard to say who these people are, but I can tell you some things about my web audience.

The top 3 referring sites are (certainly not surprising):
 Then, we get into some a site which I am unfamiliar with (and come up as broken links when I try to go to it)
And then a mish-mash of random sites, a bunch of which are mostly likely linking to my other sites instead of Sheppy Brew's.

My hosting company (GoDaddy) does not break out the IP address by country, which is a bummer.  I bet I could find references to get that information, but am not going to go through the effort at the moment.

As I mentioned, there are other sites hosted here.  But none of these are even close to as popular as the Sheppy Brew website.  I started hosting at my hosting account with GoDaddy in 2010, and the yearly report shows activity in 2010 up over 2009 to a factor of 62 (over 6200%).  Specifically, the Sheppy Brew website started with GoDaddy in March of 2010.  Between February and March of 2010, the increase of activity was over 6900%.

Obviously, the Most active year: 2010.
Most active quarter: Q2 2010
Most active month: March 2010
Most active week beginning: March 7 2010
Most active day: March 4, 2010
Most active hour: Feb 23, 2006 07:00 - 07:59 (Interesting since this was before Sheppy Brew existed and certainly well before it started being hosted here.)

Days of the week are pretty evenly distributed, but Thursday has a 10% lead over 2nd place Friday and a 33% lead over last place Sunday. 

The most active hour of the day is 2 - 2:59 AM.  It is closely followed by 12 - 12:59 AM and then 9 - 9:59 PM and then 11 - 11:59 PM.  "After hours (5pm - 7:59AM)" are about twice as active as "Work Hours (8AM - 4:59PM)"

The Mozilla browser is about 3 times more popular in accessing my sites than 2nd place MS Internet Explorer.

Windows Operating Systems clearly dominate when it comes to what was used to access my web sites.

Ok, well, I'm quite certain that very few of my blog readers care at all about this.  I did find it interesting to go through and see all this information, but it certainly is not that useful to me.  Yep, I'm a geek.

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