Saturday, December 18, 2010

Its Coming

Facebook readers, this is another one where you'll have to go to the blog to see the videos.  Go here:

We went to our church's Christmas celebration thing today.  Tyler and Connor decorated (and devoured) cookies.  They also did other craft type things including making magic reindeer food.

Connor and Tyler assumed themselves before the service. I honestly don't know what they are doing here.

or here:

Not far from our house there are a couple of houses together that go way overboard with decorations on ALL the major holidays.  I think maybe one couple owns both houses.  They need two to store all their decorations during the year.  What you are about to see below doesn't even give justice to the situation.  I actually think they go even crazier on Halloween than they do Christmas.

I apologize for the crappy quality of my cell phone videos, but I think you can get the idea here.

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