Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanksmas Photos

We went to Nevada for Thanksgiving this year to visit Grammy and Papa Lou.  Since we won't see them for Christmas, we exchanged Christmas gifts.  So, it became known as the Thanksmas visit. 

Tyler really got into playing the keyboard.  And he was REALLY good at it.

From the new bridge overlooking the Hoover dam.  It was REALLY windy that day as you might be able to see from Mom's hair

Some woman offered to take our picture.  She would not shut up about how you should not take pictures facing into the sun.  Yes, we told her, but we want the bridge in the background.  And then she missed most of the bridge.  Ditz.

This is more of what we had in mind.

Alien Angle from Mars

Hoover Dam.  And some Dam kids.

Papa Lou with the Dam Boys.

All the Thanksmas gifts.

This was Connor's favorite gift.  Now that we are home, he get worried when he cannot find Snoopy before bed.

Spoiled kids with the spoiling grand parents.


In the hot tub.

Grammy with the freezing uni-bomber look.


  1.'re not a threat, eh? Humph.
    And, oh, how funny! Your ads are about dogs. I think they think you spelled shepherd wrong!

  2. Oh, and you should really get Mr. Beer and/or your local homebrew supply shops to sponsor your blog.

  3. You are beating me by 50% this month. Seriously, no threat.