Wednesday, August 03, 2011

SheppyBrew Zazzle Store

Quite some time ago, I noticed a that the Bearded Brewer (Bearded Brewing Blog listed in the "Blogs I Follow" section at the right of this page) had a link to his very own "Zazzle Shop". Basically, Zazzle allows you to create all kinds of customized products. You can upload pictures to place on all kinds of things to brand them however you want. You can order straight from Zazzle. Even cooler, you can show your custom products on your own online-store. Zazzle takes care of everything and will give you a royalty on anything bought through your store. At the time, I thought it was really cool. I thought I might like to have SheppyBrew products available in something similar.

Then, I forgot about it for awhile. But, recently, I've been playing around with creating SheppyBrew branded products on Zazzle. Then a couple of days ago, I made my own Zazzle Shop at to share these products. Now, I am finally sharing the shop with the world.

I do realized that no one in the world would probably want any of this SheppyBrew stuff. Heck, I haven't even ordered any of it yet. Just think, though, if I am a rich and famous brewer someday, won't you kick yourself if you didn't buy something from me in the early stages? Probably not.

create & buy custom products at SheppyBrew's Zazzle Shop

Anyway, check out the store.If something looks interesting enough for you to purchase, be my guest. I'm sure I'll be buying something soon.

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