Thursday, July 28, 2011

Record Smecord

Remember I told you that May was going to break this blog's "page views" record for any month? (see Record Breaking if you need to refresh your memory)

Well, May did break the record. It blew away the previous record 1383 to 1008. That 1008 page view record had held since September of last year.

As it turns out, June blew away May's record 1950 to 1383. July might break June's record. It will be close, but even if not, it blew away May as well. July's page view count is already at 1832 with a few days left to go. I'm wondering if the blog is starting a new trend or if the page views will return to the level of a couple of months ago. I guess we'll have to see.

This picture is not related to the topic of this post. I just felt it needed some picture.

In May, I had Cider Drinking and Breast Flashing to thank for increased views. I cannot attribute any one blog post in June or July for any increase in traffic, although people liked looking at my Fermentation Video in June. Readers also seemed pretty interested that I Got my G.A.B.F. Tickets and that I'm Moving on to 2011 Best Beers List. Women and Beer came on pretty strong at the end of July. Also, for whatever reason, our trip to Geneva Park Campground last August got quite a bit of interest lately. I still don't get very many comments, although I have gotten a few more than usual over the past few days.

Anyway, I'm sure no one cares, but I don't really have anything that exciting to share with you at the moment.


  1. FWIW ... July ended up with 2020 page views, which beats June by 70 views. Not sure I'll be able to break the record again in August. We will have to see.

  2. Building page views takes time but it will continue to grow. Back when I started my beer blog it didn't really take off for a long time. Sometimes it takes a lucky link from a real popular web site back to yours to really get things going. Cheers to your blog. I look forward to reading more.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Dave. In addition to the inherent slowness of building readership all blogs go through, my blog has a bit of an identity issue. It is not really a serious beer blog or even home-brew blog. There are just too many random posts about my life that are interesting to no one other than my friend and family (and sometimes not even them). But, the blog is what it is and I'm ok with my relative obscurity.

    Of course, maybe the link from the comment I left on Fermentedly Challenged will be what puts me over-the-top.

    I like your blog. That is pretty obvious as I have put it on the "Blogs I read" section on the right.

    Thanks again for leaving a comment.

  4. One thing I learned from reading the blog: is that in order to keep people coming back you need to write articles that solve problems for your readers and have lasting value. Granted not all blog posts can do that but the vast majority of my traffic comes from articles that are a good read now and also months from now.

    Surprisingly, I get a lot of repeat traffic from people looking for homebrewing advice. I think that the problems I had while learning to homebrew make for good discussion, and if you can get people to chat it will get them coming back.

    Blogger as a blogging platform isn't that great for hosting discussions. That's why I also like to promote and discuss on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well.

    One last set of tips, ask questions of your readers, add related links in your posts to other articles you wrote. And above all, participate in as many other web sites as possible where people share the same interests as you.

    Your web traffic will definitely increase as exposure to your personality and expertise grow.