Sunday, July 10, 2011

2nd Quarter 2011 Brew Stats

The 2nd quarter of 2011 is over, which means it is time to publish another blog post in the continuing series on SheppyBrew's brewing stats (see SheppyBrew 2009 Stats, 1st Quarter Stats, 2nd Quarter Stats, 3rd Quarter Stats, SheppyBrew 2010 Stats, 1st Quarter Brewing Stats).

After the ridiculous amount of beer I brewed in the 1st quarter (just over 32 gallons), this 2nd quarter has been my least busy brewing quarter ever. I only brewed 4 batches, and that is including a double-batch of Gringo Cerveza Cream Ale, where I split the batch into two fermenters and added JalapeƱos to one of them. So, in the whole quarter, I've only brewed 3 times. I brewed almost 15 gallons, which is the least amount since I've been keeping track by quarter, but not by too much.

The beers I've done this quarter are:
So far in 2011:
  • I made 12 batches of beer, which puts me on pace for 24 for the year (33 batches in 2010)
  • I have made about 47 gallons of beer, which still puts me on pace for a record-breaking 94 gallons (75 gallons in 2010)
  • 6 of the batches were completely new recipes (18 were new in 2010)
  • 1 batch was a lager (2 in 2010)
  • All the batches were SheppyBrew recipes.
  • 1 was a partial mash (9 in 2010)
  • The other 11 were all-grain mashes (10 were all-grain in 2010)
  • My average cost per 12oz bottle per batch has been $0.52 (I did not really keep this stat for all of 2010, but the average for the 4th quarter was around $0.79).  
Some things of note for the nano-brewery this past quarter:
SheppyBrew now owns 2 kegs, and both Summer Lovin' and Quarter Life Crisis are in my keggerator right now. I obviously like kegging, but I am going to have to continue bottling quite a bit. Corny kegs have really risen in price. Plus, I don't really have room for the number of kegs it would take to have the same kind of variety in my inventory.

I've changed my mash process to be BIAB. As I mentioned in Brew day: Quarter Life Crisis, I am thinking of changing my BIAB process to include a 10 gallon cooler, so that I can do slightly bigger batches. This will also help with cold-weather brewing.

My wife (the SheppyBrew beer model) brewed the Summer Lovin' Wheat with me (see Beer Model Brew Day). I guess that means my brewing month was even less busy as one of those brews, my wife did half the work.

Summer Lovin' American Wheat
 My inventory is still high, but I am not as completely overflowing as I was recently. My wife's family is coming into town this week, so I might get quite a bit of help reducing inventory from them. This will give me an excuse to brew more in the coming months.

Anyway, that was your report on how the SheppyBrew brewery has been going. I know no one cares, but it interests me to look back at these every once and awhile. I am not sure why I have not done this before, but I now have a blog label: Brew Stats to keep all these posts together.

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  1. Interesting, I mentioned on the Mr. Beer forum how I had only brewed 3 times last quarter, and got this response:

    "I brewed your Fat Tire Clone 3 times this past quarter if you want to add that to your stats..."

    Pretty cool that people are using my recipe, but it is sort of weird to think one guy brewed one of my recipes as many times as I've brewed total.