Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Belgo @NewBelgium

You can see over on the left side of this blog in my "Blogs I Read" section that I follow the New Belgium Brewery blog.

Today they posted "A sneak peek at something new and exciting... " Apparently, New Belgium Brewery is going to start brewing its Belgo IPA as part of its "Explorer Series", which basically means it will be available all the time instead of as part of its experimental / small batch "Lips of Faith" series of beers.

This interested me because Belgo India Pale Ale is a beer I blogged about back in November. (see http://blog.ericshepard.com/2010/11/belgo-india-pale-ale.html).

I liked the beer, but I think part of its appeal to me was that it was a limited edition type beer. For the most part, if I want a hoppy IPA, I am not really in the mood for the Belgium funk. If I feel like the Belgium funk, I'm not really looking for the citrusy hops of an American IPA. If I am purchasing an experimenting or limited edition beer, I am looking for something different than usual, so I am fine with that sort of conflicting flavor profiles. But, if it something I can buy at any time, I'm not sure that I will.

I guess we'll see. I wonder if it will come out in cans.

Anyway, I thought this was an interesting development, and so I thought I'd share it with those of you who don't follow the New Belgium blog. Of course chances are no one but me find it interesting.


  1. hmmmmm...verrrry interesting! Even more interesting: why are you taking pictures of your beer in the laundry room? Must be the superior lighting, but you really must come up with a better backdrop for these shots.

  2. As far as I remember, I have not taken pictures of beers in the laundry room. I've taken one picture of one beer. Do you have examples of other beers I've photographed in the laundry room?