Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Washing Yeast for #HomeBrew

I have mentioned before that Billy Broas at BillyBrew.com is one of my favorite beer bloggers. Actually, he probably is my favorite beer blogger. If I were to take beer blogging seriously, his blog would be what I would try to model mine after.

Today, I came across a great post that he did quite awhile ago, and I thought I'd share.

You may have seen me reference on SheppyBrew.com and / or this blog about me harvesting yeast for my home-brews. I've been doing it for some time. People ask me via email, facebook, or online forums from time to time questions about the details behind how I do it. I usually start with urls to a couple of pages that describe the process.

Billy took the explanation to the next level. He did a video about the process. I figured it out from text descriptions on the internet, but it really would have been helpful to have had Billy's video back in June of 2009.

Anyway, Billy did a blog post called "Yeast Washing". The url is http://billybrew.com/yeast-washing . If you are wondering how I harvest yeast, Billy will tell you. Our processes are pretty much identical. This is the link I'm going to give people from now on.


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