Saturday, August 17, 2013

Article about Letterboxing

This morning, I got an email from the Contact Me form on this blog.

It was from the author of an article on a website called Part Time Nanny, who thought my readers might enjoy reading about Letter Boxing. As I mentioned just recently, pretty much whenever I get an email asking me to share an article, I do it. I'm pretty easy that way.

The article is:

To be honest, before reading the article I knew almost nothing about Letterboxing. I did recognize the term and did know it was sort of like geocaching. My family does geocache sometimes, and you can read about some of our geocache adventures on the Geocache "label" on this blog. Most of the articles are pretty old and my children look tiny in the pictures.

I do know Geocaching is lots of fun. I am quite certain after reading 21 Blogs to Read Before Letterboxing with Your Family that Letterboxing is fun too.

If you are interesting in getting started, this looks to be a great collection of resources. Give it a read and let me know what you think:

Go Bears!

The following pictures have nothing to do with Letterboxing or even Geocaching. It is just a fun little excursion we did in South Dakota when we were there a couple weeks ago. Didn't think they deserved their own blog post, so I am dumping them at the end of this one.

See Cosmos Mystery Area. It is the ultimate tourist trap, but still sort of a fun way to take up time in the Black Hills.


  1. really are easy. I wonder what I should ask you to post for me?

    I kind of like letterboxing better than geocaching because you're creating a keepsake of all of your adventures. And it's fun to see what stamps other letterboxes are using for their signatures.

    The kids, of course, prefer geocaching because of the possibility of obtaining small plastic toys...

  2. Yes, obtaining small plastic toys is wonderful. The only thing these small plastic toys are good for is leaving in geocaches, so it is sort of a weird cycle, but maybe I just don't understand because I'm so old.

    It is very weird to me that the last 2 requests on my Contact Me form have been from websites with "nanny" in the name. I'm not sure this is the best blog for them to share with. Actually, your blog would be much better. Have they been hitting you up too?