Sunday, April 20, 2014

McShepardSons take 2

So, way back in September, I reported that we had hidden a geocache. See Placing Sheppy McShepardSons take 1.

Do you know what a geocache is? If you follow this blog on a regular basis, you have probably noticed our renewed interest in geocaching (see Sheppy's Blog: Geocache), and probably have either figured it out or don't really care. If not, it is basically a global hide-and-seek game using GPS coordinates.

As it turned out, we were too close to a "Multi-Cache", and that spot got rejected. We tried a few more spots, but we kept running into the same issue ... the cache was too close to some other one that we couldn't see. Eventually, we sort of gave up trying to find a spot for the winter.

Happy Easter, by the way ....

Yesterday, we went searching for Geocaches in Pence Park, which was a place I was thinking of hiding the McShepardSons cache last year. Last time we tried this park, though, the trails were closed due to the horrible flooding we got in Colorado last Autumn.

First, we went searching for Lichen It A Lot. This was a short hike up a pretty steep trail. It probably would have been nearly impossible in the snow, but the warm weather over the past few days melted anything we had. My oldest son found this one pretty easily.

Next, we found Daisy takes a walk - Pence Park. This was a short hike from the parking area. I told my older son to allow my younger son to look for this one. Big brother did find it first and did a bit of "warmer / colder", but Little Brother gets credit for this find.

Then we hiked a bit further and found a micro, Mondo's ODS (Twin B) Seed. Even though it was a micro, it was another easy one because of the clue. So, we were 3 for 3.

After that, we had a picnic lunch on some rock off a little side trail. We had the McShepardSons container with us and I convinced the boys that we should find a good spot for it. We hiked up the side trail while I kept and eye on my GPS to make sure we were far enough away from Mondo's ODS (Twin B) Seed. At the same time, though, we were getting closer to Daisy takes a walk - Pence Park.

We came up on some rock formations that were pretty much equidistant from the two existing caches, and eventually we found a decent hiding spot.

This morning, I submitted the cache for review. We will find out in a few days if it is acceptable to the reviewer. I have my fingers crossed.

When (if) it gets accepted, you can see it at:

Hopefully it will work out.

Blackhawks lost yesterday. This makes me sad.


  1. Already got an answer from the reviewer. Apparently, our cache is placed too close to GC1MH84 Lincoln/Darwin Bicentenary. Back to square 1.

  2. Or ... I should say ... too close to one of the hidden stages of GC1MH84 Lincoln/Darwin Bicentenary.

  3. Last night, I went back to Pence Park and found another spot for the cache. This morning I had received an email that the new location has been accepted. We finally have a published geocache!