Monday, May 05, 2014

Geo-Ride in May

My wife had a thing to go to Saturday.

This meant that the boys had to make a decision. Should we stay inside all day and play video games? Should we spend the day outside riding our bikes?

The boys voted for video games. I voted for the bike ride. 2 to 1. I won.

One of the few advantages of being the parent is that my vote (usually) counts for more.

We loaded our bikes on the back of the minivan and headed over to Chatfield  Reservoir State Park. A few days ago I had loaded some geo-caches into my GPS for us to search for at some point. Saturday was a perfect opportunity.

We started on a paved bike path. The first cache we found was named "Beware of the Troll". As you might be able to imagine, this was located under a bridge. It was an easy find.

After this cache, we headed off the paved bike path to more single-track type trails to find more caches. We found "Fishermen's Maze".

We skipped a cache called "Worthington" due to muggle activity. We found "Green Gorilla".

We found "River View Beach".

We spent a few hours biking around and exploring the trails on the South side of the park. Of course, we had to spend time throwing rocks into the river too. The best part was that we got exercise outside.

This is actually my youngest son's first time biking on single track trails, and he really seemed to like it. The trails were very flat (especially when you compare them to most of Colorado's trails), so it was a good first experience.

After awhile we headed home and the boys got to play a few video games.

Fun. Very fun.

Go Blackhawks!

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