Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hanging Lake

I mentioned in my last blog post (see Pictures Rescued from my Camera) that we spent Labor Day weekend in Glenwood Springs.

We had a great time. The weekend went way too fast. But then, they always do, don't they?

One of the things we did while in the area is that we hiked up to Hanging Lake. If you have never been, it is an absolutely gorgeous spot. You should try to visit if you get a chance, but make sure you get to the trail head early. The parking lot gets full.

Here are some pictures.

We got to the parking lot around 7:30, and it was already about half full. The trail was pretty crowded. On the hike up I challenged the family to be on the plus side of passing people vs. people passing us. We ended up plus 35 on the little hike. (we passed 35 more people than passed us)

The hike itself is short, about a mile, but it is really steep. Over that mile, we gained about 1000 feet in elevation. There are stairs at the end, so it isn't difficult in a technical sense. It is just a steep climb.

And the lake itself is just gorgeous. This is easily one of the most photographed spots in all of Colorado.

On the negative side, since it is so easy, lots of people go up and there is not a lot of room up by the lake. Most of the time we spent up there was waiting for picture opportunities. But, it was still awesome.

My son took this video. Not great camera work, but it is good content.

This waterfall below was the spot where we had to wait the longest waiting our turn to get pictures. Too many other people taking their own.

My son thought this video was cool. It takes advantage of the waterproof nature of the camera.

These photos do not do this spot justice. I know I say this a bunch in this blog when referring to Colorado scenery, but it is true. You have to see it for yourself.

Another really cool thing close to the lake is "Spouting Rock". Just before you reach the lake there is a little side-trail that brings you up above the lake. This spot is not quite as crowded. Last time we were up visiting the lake years ago, we missed this little side-trail. I'm sure others miss it too.

The water comes shooting (spouting) out of rock.

And, of course, another video by my son:

And some minor cave action:

And some cool views on the way down...

When we got back to the parking lot, it was completely full. Not only was it full, but cars were waiting in a line almost back to the highway exit. As soon as any spot opened up another took its place. I am sure that lots of people who were in that line when we left never got a parking spot.

So, if you go, especially on a holiday weekend. Get to the trail head early.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Go Bears!

P.S. for more fascinating information on Hanging Lake, see it wiki-page. It is a geological marvel.

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