Friday, September 12, 2014

Pictures Rescued from my Camera

So, our family camera is not real fancy, but it works for us. Quite often now-a-days we end up leaving it behind and simply using our cell phones to take pictures, but it still seems right to have a "real" digital camera.

I was thinking about moving pictures from the camera SD card onto our computer this morning when I remembered that there were a few photos still "trapped" on the camera's internal memory. To be honest, I'm not sure how this happened since we always have the SD card in, but somehow it did.

I thought I would get those off.

Now you get to look at the ones I decided to keep.

In June (yes, these pictures have been trapped a long time), we went to Destin, FL for a family reunion on my wife's side of the family. For some reason, the SD card was taken out of the camera.

The toad above was trapped in the pool and my son took a picture of it.

We also took some pictures on the beach.

And in the water.

And under water.

One nice thing about this camera is that it is water-proof.

Another related nice thing is that I don't have to worry about sand or dust getting into the moving parts.

Just last weekend, we were in Glenwood Springs, CO for Labor Day weekend.

And we went to the hot-springs pool.

And took another underwater photo.

My older son noticed that he couldn't take a video because of limited space. We knew that the SD card was not anywhere close to full, so we knew something was up. Somehow the SD card had come loose enough that the camera had switched to internal memory.

Now, our camera has nothing on its internal memory.

We're good. Have a nice weekend.

Go Bears.

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