Saturday, May 23, 2015

Searching Guacamole

I introduced a new Travel Bug to the world yesterday:

I know my obsession with Travel Bugs is childish and/or nerdy. I don't care. The whole concept fascinates me. In a weird sort of way, I live vicariously through these little travelers.

On Searching Guacamole's Profile, I introduced him very similarly like I did Search & Rescue. Both list their "mission" to find and hopefully rescue my first travel bug Guacamole.

If you follow the travel bug posts on this blog, you know the tragic story of Guacamole. Just as brief review, though, he was our family's very first travel bug, and we excitedly put him in a cache. Over the next few weeks, we waited for an indication that someone had picked him up, but one never came. We decided to visit the cache we had placed him in and possibly move him to somewhere else, but when we got there, Guacamole was not there. He went missing before he had logged a single mile of travel.

You can read much more about this in the blog: Sheppy's Blog: Guacamole.

To be honest, I don't expect  Guacamole will ever turn up, and I certainly don't think Search & Rescue or Searching Guacamole will be in any way helpful in finding the poor guy. It is all part of the imaginary adventure though. Plus, travel bugs go missing all the time and I hope telling the story raises awareness.

After creating Searching Guacamole (SG) as a geocache trackable, I took him out yesterday morning to get him some experience.

It has been real rainy lately here in the Denver area, and yesterday morning was very wet as well. I headed up to the Evergreen area to a park that had a few caches I've had my eyes on.

I still have SheppyBrew 2 and he visited all the cache's with us. 

The hike was really steep and in some areas rocky. It was an adventure finding the caches.

The picture below is "The Mayor of Bell Park", a stump with a face carved into it. Sort of creepy, but at the same time really cool. I think I'm going to have to bring my kids back to this place when it dries out a little bit.

By the time I left Bell Park, we had logged 7 caches. Not bad.

Then, we headed down to where Guacamole went missing. Sadly, that cache, Kids castle cache, appears to be gone now.

My geocaching app on my phone pointed to another cache relatively close that appeared to be big enough to hold SG. Josiyah's Little Stash is a member's only cache. I'm hoping that anyone finding a member's only cache will know how to log a travel bug. We'll see how that turns out.

The disadvantage of having my bug in a member's only cache is that he has less of a chance of being picked up. If he doesn't appear to move in the next couple of weeks, I'll go pick him up (if he doesn't go missing).

So, we'll see how SG's adventures turn out. As I write this, he has traveled to 8 caches for a total of 5.7 miles. You can see his map here. Because of the whole Guacamole tragedy, I generally don't release my travel bugs until I have logged a significant number of miles. SG is out there much earlier than I am used to. I hope things turn out well for him.

I'm sure I'll report on him from time to time so you know how things are going.

Go Blackhawks!

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