Saturday, September 05, 2015

Some summer photos

Just some interesting photos I have sitting around. No particular theme. No real order to them.


When the mighty Blackhawks played the evil Minnesota Wild, my nephew thought it would be a good idea to bet me an ice cream cone on the winner of the series. The wager went better for me than for him. I collected when we saw each other in South Dakota.

On the 4th of July, we didn't go to any one particular fireworks display. Instead, we drove to the top of Chatfield Dam, set up camping chairs, and watched fireworks from all over the Denver Metro area. It was cool to see.

Often when I ride through Waterton Canyon, I see Big Horn Sheep. This time I came across a bunch.

My son bought a coon-skin hat in South Dakota.

We took a trip to Chicago this summer.

Did you know that octopuses are great protection from gnomes? For Fathers Day, my son made me this octopus to help relieve some of my fear of living with gnomes in the house.

I've been talking pictures of sunsets with my phone on some of my evening fitbit walks. Some of them turned out pretty good.

This one is my favorite sunset picture I've taken with my phone

I'm a little bummed that the summer is almost over. It didn't seem to last long enough this year.

Oh well. Not much I can do about it now except look forward to autumn.

Go Bears.

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