Saturday, October 08, 2016

2016 #GABF Friday Night

Well ... as you probably know, last night was the Friday Session of the Great American Beer Fest.

As per tradition, the SheppyBrew Beer Model and I attended.

As always, there was lots of beer. And lots of fun. And interesting sites.

Following are some of the pictures from last night ...

Enjoy ...

There was (is) a new entrance into the fest this year. I don't know if we just got lucky, but this was by far the fastest we've gotten in ... especially considering we were basically right on time.

We'll have to see how it goes during today's session.

Everyone is happy on their way into the Beer Fest ...

Can't say the Fest has begun until the bagpipes start ...

My list of breweries this year included a few that just jumped out at me as funny names.

The first brewery we visited was Ass Clown Brewing Company from NC. I had planned to ask about the brewery name, but it didn't appear anyone with the brewery was there when we were.

Best name for a beer goes to Sex in a Canoe from Noble Rey Brewing Co from Dallas.

It was an American Light Lager ... get it? get it?

As always ... some of the booths were sort of cool looking.

Freetail Brewing from San Antonio was the first brewery that really had beers that stood out to me as spectacular and that I grabbed several.

Braindead was another interesting brewery name.

I had beers here:

I didn't get any beers here ... but I liked the booth...

One of the breweries on my wife's list was Boggy Draw. ... yes as in D is for Draw, Boggy ... yes ... the one we can ride our bikes to from our house.

Sometimes she just begs me to make fun of her...

I stopped by a couple potential "N is for" breweries. I'll be picking a different brewery from my blog post.

The Beer Model also took us to Tivoli (another brewery we can visit any time) to try something. The beer wasn't very good. Most of their beers are very good though.

Cool booth ..

Funny beer name ...

We stopped by the food and beer pavilion. The Red Robin burger and the Sam Adams beer was really good.

The presentation left much to be desired.

I had a "seaweed" IPA. Couldn't really taste seaweed. I could tastes the IPA hops.

Pretzel necklaces are a must.

Huge crowd. Very noisy. Quite a party.

And at the end of the night we took the light rail home. The Beer Model even got a seat on the train, which doesn't happen that often right as GABF lets out.

There you go ...

More pictures are likely to be posted after today's session.

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