Friday, July 14, 2017

2017 Hail Storm Summer Saison

It is summer again.

You know what that means? Summer Saison time. Sheppy Brew's Hail Storm Summer Saison.


If you follow my brewing patterns, you probably have realized that I brew quite a few Saisons. Four Saisons a year. One for every season (saison is French for season). I call them my Seasonal Saison Series.

I just recently finished drinking my Melting Stream Spring Saison and last Sunday it was time to brew the Summer Saison.


I got started later in the morning than usual. It is sort of weird to be able to see while mashing.

The mash went fine. As always with my saisons, I mash very low (~145ish) to get more fermentable wort.

My pre-boil gravity was a bit high, but I don't mind diluting my wort before the boil starts.

Nothing notable during the boil.

Even with the late start, I got the brew done by early afternoon. It would have been nice to get an early start so that I would have missed some more of the mid-day heat.

It was very hot out, and it took awhile to chill the wort. Not a big deal.

And now ... the beer is in the fermentor and almost done. I may rack into a secondary fermentor tomorrow so I'll have my bigger fermentor available for a brew this weekend.

Want to know what I am brewing this weekend?

Stay tuned ...

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  1. Oh I have first time seen home made beer. I dint know that someone could even make beer at home. Now I can understand your reason of excitement on the arrival of summer.