Tuesday, March 13, 2018

2018 Melting Stream Spring Saison

It isn't Spring yet, but here in Denver, it feels like it is close. I'm hoping we get a couple more big snow falls still this year, but right now the weather is starting to get very warm.

I decided it was a good time to brew my Spring Seasonal Saison this past Sunday.

The Spring version of my is Seasonal Saison very light in color. It uses WY3711 for that delicious and refreshing saison flavor. It is hoppy.

Yummy yummy beer. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

As you probably know, Sunday was the beginning of daylight savings time. I sprung forward and got started a bit later than usual.

The mash was in the dark, but the sun was up by the time I did my first wort hops.

My pre-boil gravity was a bit high, so I diluted a bit at the beginning of the 90 minute boil.

The boil went fine. I got all my additions into the wort at about the right time. Lots of hops.

The gravity was a bit low at the end of the boil, which is fine with this beer. I simply added table sugar to bring the gravity up to plan.

I racked right on the yeast starter. Brew day was done before 11AM.

Fermentation was rocking by the end of the day. The kraussen was close to coming out of the airlock by the end of day 1 fermentation.

The yeast continues to go strong eating sugar and producing alcohol.

I am really looking forward to drinking this beer in a couple of weeks.

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Go Rockies!

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