Sunday, March 11, 2018

Imaginary Dragon Brown Ale

I'm brewing today.

I'm brewing today and I have not posted about my last brew day yet.

Lazy blogger.

I better do that now.

So ... I've been brewing quite awhile. I started with a Mr. Beer kit my sister bought me for the 2008 Christmas.

I used the hell out of that Mr. Beer Kit.

One of the recipes I came up with using the kit, was an American Brown Ale intended to mimic Big Sky Brewing Company's Moose Drool. I named it based on some dragon art work my child had done and another word for drool.

Not knowing that the name I came up with is slang for something horrible. You can look it up if you like (if you don't already know). You can't unknow once you know.

Anyway ... I modified the recipe to be non-Mr. Beer extract beer. I liked it. I had always intended to go another extra step and get to an all-grain recipe, but I just never got around to it.

Until now. I changed the name and converted to an all-grain recipe ...

I would have trademark issues if I were a professional brewer ... but I'm a homebrewer. If the Imagine Dragons ask me to, I'll find another name for this beer.

Anywho ...

Last Sunday, I brewed Imaginary Dragon Brown Ale. You can tell from the pictures that I actually waited for the sun to come up for this brew day to start.

Weird right?

I got the mash going and then went to church to make coffee and attend worship.

The miracle of bio-chemistry took over while I was gone.

For the most, the brew day went ok.

It was real windy and my propane burner did not like that at all. I had to restart the burner more times than I like to remember.

But, eventually, I got the boil finished, and amazingly enough, the OG was right on target.

The beer has been fermenting this past week, and I actually kegged it just yesterday.

The FG was right on target too.


The sample tasted great. I am leaving the keg at room temperature since the fermentation phase was short. I should start chilling next weekend.

I'll be drinking it before Easter.

And now ... I need to get back to this week's brew day.

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Go Blackhawks!

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