Monday, June 21, 2021

Fathers' Day 2021 in RMNP (Part 1)

Like most Fathers' Days, we went camping as a family again this year. This year, we went to Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).

I love camping and I'm glad that even though the kids are getting bigger, they still seem (for the most part) to enjoy going with me.

Happy Fathers' Day to me!

Here are some pictures from this weekend ...

We headed up to the campground on Thursday night. Early (ish) on Friday morning, we headed off on a hike on Cub Lake trail.

It was a bit overcast, which made for a much cooler hike than we would have had otherwise. The views were still really nice.

A couple miles into the hike we saw a moose ... 

We got to Cub Lake before lunch and kept going.

After Cub lake, we climbed some and then descended a couple thousand feet down to "The Pool".

We had lunch at "The Pool".

Much to the Beer Model's delight, we continued on the loop along the river rather than making the climb we had just come down.

The campsite had a great view of Long's Peak, and as always we got lots of pictures of it.

The site was great. It was a tent-only walk-in up on a ridge, so it took some work getting all our stuff up and back down, but totally worth the extra effort.

Other than our 9 mile hike, Friday was a very relaxing day.

That is "it" for Part 1. Keep an eye on Sheppy's Blog: Fathers Day for part 2.

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