Tuesday, June 29, 2021

2021 Hail Storm Summer Saison (batch 290)

If my records are accurate, I brewed my 290th batch of beer on Sunday.

Over the weekend, I was talking to another homebrewer ... one that has been brewing way longer than I have ... who was going to brew his 100th batch on Sunday.

So ... 290 is a lot.

I've been brewing an average 23 batches of beer since 2009.

Last year I brewed 31 batches and I'm on pace to brew 28 this year.

The beer that I brewed Sunday was one of my Seasonal Saisons. I've been brewing those since 2014, and this was my 8th time brewing this recipe.

It is honestly surprised me a little when I saw that this was the 8th time brewing Hail Storm. I still sort of consider my Seasonal Saisons series sort of a new thing.

I guess it isn't that new anymore.

Anyway ... I had some of the WY3711 yeast harvested from the last Spring Saison batch, so I made a yeast starter Saturday morning.

Saturday night, I added the malt to the mash for an overnight mash.

Early Sunday morning, I drained the wort and started heating up the wort to a boil.

The boil went well. I remembered to add the ingredients at the right time.

I was filling the fermentor and pitching the yeast before 9AM. 

I was cleaned up around 9:30. A 3 hour brew day (if you don't count the all-night mash).

Fermentation was going strong by the afternoon. 

I'm expecting this will be ready to keg in a week and a half.

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Go Cubs Go!

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