Thursday, June 08, 2017

#GCCUSA 1 Week Update

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you know how I've been doing on the Great American Cycle Challenge so far.

If you don't follow me on InstagramFacebook or Twitter, you likely don't care.

But I'll tell you anyway.

Things for going great so far.

I could tell you how great, but chances are the totals will be higher when you read this than now when I am writing it.

But, luckily for you, it is possible to see the most recent totals:

As I write this, I am way ahead of the 22 miles a day I need.

I do need to establish a decent cushion because I know there are days I won't be able to ride very much or any at all. Right now, I can skip three days and still be on-track. When you read this I will probably have an even bigger buffer.

Over the weekend, my loving family helped me out by riding about 22 miles with me.

I rode almost 45 miles on Sunday, stopping at 4 breweries on the way.

This week I've most just done evening rides.

I even did a few miles on the Stationary Bike while watching a hockey game.

And so, at this point, it isn't looking like I'll be having any trouble finishing the 660 miles for June.

Again, you can follow my progress and/or donate to help the kids at

Also, follow me at InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

240 miles down. Only 420 left to go.

Go Predators!


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  2. Way to go! I am riding in the challenge as well. I hit 23 miles tonight, I haven't ridden really in a long time. Keep up the great pace!

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